• How does it work?
    You will sign up. The first step will be to learn the basics of being an online representative. This is known as CSP101. Once you complete this course you will sign up for a class that will teach you the tools your client uses. I for example learned how to use the Liveperson chat program to service my customers. Some other members learn Avaya, Citrix, and other programs that allow them to access customer information, take payments, and handle customer requests. The good news is we are here to help you each step of the way.
  • Client Certification
    Once you have completed CSP 101 you will be able to select a class. The classes come based on client demands. We don't know which ones will show, when they do show, or how long they will last. Once you sign up for a class you will be reviewed. Sometimes you will need to pass a test or exam. Once selected you will then need to pay for the course. Most courses are 4 hours Monday to Friday and generally go from around 12 days to around 30. However before you pay you will get an opportunity annoucement that will show exactly how many hours you will need to work, weekend requirements, and the class schedule.
  • During Certification will I get paid?
    You are investing in yourself. As such you won't get paid during training. And yes you can fail the training. However unlike college when you're done if you pass a class you will be able to work your new client.
  • Can I do more than one at a time?
    Absolutely. While you can only be in one class at a time you can work more than one client. In addition you can stop one if you don't like it and move to another client. Some restrictions do apply, for example generally you cannot work for competing companies.
  • Can I fail a client?
    Yes. These classes are very real. At the end of the class you may be asked to take an exam. You may also need to perform a practical demonstration. This may be a mock call or chat or role playing of some sort. We do this to ensure that you are ready. Thus in class you need to study, pay attention, and most of all practice. This is also why the class has a fee - to ensure you are INVESTED in learning.
  • What is the total cost.
    That will depend on the client. However generally if you have a PC you will need to get a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line for your home and an investment in certification that is usually $200-500. While that seems like a ton of money this is the opportunity to change how you live. It's exciting and if you do this you will be able to make that investment back in the first paycheck or two.
  • Will I get rich?
    Probably not. Most of our CSP's make around $300 a paycheck (We pay on the 1st and the 15th.) Those CSPs generally work around 20 hours a week. We have some motivated individuals that make more and if you are a top performer you can get more per hour.

Thank You for Coming!

Kitchens and Dreams allows you to meet your dreams with our unique opportunities. You will be working with one of the Fortune 500 companies that you select. In addition during that companies hours of operation you will be selecting the hours you work based on a weekly schedule that you need to work an allotted amount of time. Best of all we can show you how to do this and accomplish all your dreams.